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D␣D␣D␣ Dis Distance Distancing
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Japan + France "online collaboration" performance for the first time in the contemporary dance industry!

The expression "Social Distance", which has become established in Japanese, is originally a word that expresses "psychological distance such as discrimination", and taking a physical distance is called "Social Distancing".
At the same time, as the world suffered from the corona wreckage, incidents and large-scale demonstrations by black discrimination and calls for discrimination against Asians occurred.
Even in Japan, prominent entertainers are committing suicide one after another, and we are exposed to the negative power of the "distance" caused by the corona sickness, both psychologically and physically, and we are made aware of the importance of "connection". There is.
During this period, I believe it is meaningful to perform online dance collaborations in Japan and Europe on the theme of "distance" at the regional level, physical level, psychological level, and various levels.
In the coming with corona era, I would like to make a work with a prayer dedicated to the "connection" of all humankind.

* For those who donated, we will send the URL for watching the video to the e-mail address you enter when accepting the donation.
(We will send you the URL for real-time distribution by the start of the theater performance. We will also send you the URL for on-demand distribution after the performance.)
* Regarding real-time distribution, due to restrictions on the Internet environment, the image quality may be low. Please note that the delivery may be interrupted, and in the worst case, you may not be able to watch it.
* On-demand distribution is scheduled to be distributed from 19:00 on December 6th to 21:00 on 13th.

日本語では定着した「Social Distance」という表現は、本来、「差別等の心理的な隔たり」を表す言葉で、物理的な距離を取ることは「Social Distancing」という。


Dec 6 - Dec 13, 2020
[ Sun ] - [ Sun ]
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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リアルタイム/オンデマンド配信 SOLD OUT ¥1,200
D␣D␣D␣ Dis Distance Distancing

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